Seoul National University Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (SNUCPT) performs the highest level of clinical research and discovers and trains the global leader of clinical research field.

In June 1988, SNUCPT started as a Clinical Pharmacology Task Force under the Board of Pharmacy Affairs and organized as an official institution of the Supporting Services which is 'Clinical Pharmacology Unit' in June 1994. As a major member of the Clinical Trials Center, established in 1996, it has been gradually expanding its role. Conducting not only pharmacotherapeutic consultations regarding therapeutic drug monitoring(TDM) but also, early phase clinical trials, consultation of new drug clinical development and clinical drug research, pharmacokinetic /pharmacodynamic analysis, clinical trial simulation, and clinical trials expert training. In addition, it was appointed as a Regional Clinical Trial Center by Ministry of Health and Welfare. In December 2007, the unit grew to 'Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics' since the role of a clinical pharmacologist, the expert of clinical trials and personalized optimal pharmacotherapy, has been increased in the hospital. Moreover, the College of Medicine established 'Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics' in March 2012.

Currently, more than 30 clinical projects related to personalized optimal pharmacotherapy are carried out each year independently or in collaboration with other departments, and approximately 10,000 cases of therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) consultation and 200 cases of consultation of personalized pharmacotherapy are conducted each year.
Clinical pharmacology is an area of translational research & practice which includes basic medicine such as clinical pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamic, genetics, pharmacology, biochemistry, biostatistics and analytical chemistry, and clinical medicine such as omics methodologies; pharmacogenomics and metabolomics and so on. Researches focused on pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic clinical assessments and the differences of drug response by genetic diversity are conducted. Moreover, it includes a wide range of the development process for the drug information and applies to patients through clinical trials and TDM consultation. Also clinical trial and personalized therapy research are being conducted through pharmacokinetic /pharmacodynamic modelling and simulation.
SNUCPT has built a foundation for new drug development and personalized pharmacotherapy by training and educating professional experts in drug clinical development and pharmacotherapy field.